Technical Writer with an emerging tech company

Company Name:
The Bowdoin Group
As a global leader in technology, this company has been at the forefront of IT infrastructure since it was. Their most recent innovation is their ability to help businesses transition to cloud computing through IT infrastructure products and services designed to help them store, manage, protect, and analyze their often massive quantities of data in a more flexible and cost-efficient way.
Required Skills:
-3+ years of Technical Writing experience
-Strong communication skills a must!
-Knowledge of job applicable database/ software/ documentation
- B.S. in Communication or related field
-Writes, edits and revises documentation for product development, support services, and customer/ end-user activities
- Retrieves, organizes, analyzes and synthesizes intermediate subject matter and transforms it into easy-to-understand information for specific audiences.
-Effectively employ a variety of authoring and desktop publishing software tools to produce a finished product that include printed or electronic publication and integrated online help
Contractors who are a great technical and cultural fit are often extended past a year. Pay is competitive.
Apply now! I'd love to speak with you about how you may be an excellent fit for this role.
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The Bowdoin Group is always seeking new technical talent to staff project-based positions with our contracting clients. We work with companies throughout the greater Boston area in a variety of industries, providing them with just-enough, just-in-time workforce solutions for their technical projects and managing a seamless transition for our contractors between old and new projects. If you are a technical consultant in search of a new position, please reach out to us! We will be happy to work with you to locate the position that best matches your skills and personality.
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The Bowdoin Group is an equal opportunity employer.

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