Senior Software Architect

Company Name:
The Vesume Group, LLC
Our client, a privately-held global company that provides enterprise level software subscriptions, support and tools for PostgreSQL through its products, professional services, support and training, is hiring a permanent full-time Senior Software Architect.
In this role, the successful Senior Software Architect will be building on the existing core infrastructure. This resource will be responsible for the design and architecture of our next generation user interface which will provide a single desktop and web based application that can be deployed as required by the user for the management of their products.
The architect will be responsible for ensuring that the code is structured in a maintainable and extensible fashion, and that new functionality can be easily plugged in. UI/UX considerations will be paramount to ensure that the user can quickly and easily achieve their goals using a task-focussed interface.
Key Responsibilities:
Working with the Chief Architect, Development Lead and Product Management to ensure the product meets requirements and is developed to a high standard within the required timeframes.
Ensuring the user interface is designed in an intuitive, easy to understand, task oriented fashion to enable users to complete their work quickly and easily.
Development of specifications for new features to be implemented by the development team.
Development of prototype and release quality code.
Critical review of patches and other work from the development team.
8+ years experience in software engineering
Must have a strong Relational Database background (RDB)
Experienced with Python and Javascript
Experienced with HTML and CSS
C/C++ experience is an advantage
Experienced with SQL and stored procedures/functions in Postgres,
SQL Server, Oracle or DB2
Experience developing GUI applications, with a good understanding of UX principles

If this permanent full-time Senior Software Architect position seems to be of interest to you, please reach out to one of our Career Consultants at 978-687-6000 or email us at .

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